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Energy Tendering

Determine Annual Gas & Electricity Load Prior To Tendering

By taking into account the historical energy usage and any future business development, AUSEMS can estimate highly accurate energy load prior to the renewal of your next energy agreement. This will provide good indication to energy retailers so that they can secure energy load on your behalf upfront for entire contract duration. Also this provides high chances of negotiating better energy contract rates.

Energy Tendering / Procurement & Negotiating New Contract

AUSEMS has proudly partnered with Tier 1 and Tier 2 energy retailers in order to negotiate better energy rates through broker channel. AUSEMS oversee entire tender process and presents a tender report to customer with its recommendations so that they can make an informed decision. We understand the requirements of individual businesses and ensure only the best energy contract rates are secured in the market.

Our energy specialist gives you a complete market knowledge and industry understanding, which helps you to purchase rightful energy contracts that suits best with your business requirements.

Tender Report

Once all tenders are received from participating energy retailers, AUSEMS prepare a detailed tender report with suitable recommendations. The report consists a comparison of following charges between energy retailers;

  • energy contract rates
  • renewable / environmental charges
  • metering charges
  • service charges

The tender report will also contain forecasting estimated energy cost in new contract. The report will also contain estimated network charges which are charged by network distribution company. These charges are not charged by energy retailers.

Forecasting Estimated Energy Cost For New Contract

It can be a shock to receive your first energy invoice with extremely high charges after signing new agreement directly with energy retailer. This could be due to increase in contract rates, network charges, renewable charges, and other charges. AUSEMS assist businesses by forecasting estimated annual energy cost prior to signing new agreement. This provides businesses with full insight of what to expect in energy charges to better accommodate their energy budget accordingly. We strategically calculate through market expertise and non-traditional data modelling to better estimate your energy cost for new contract duration.

Contract Advise

AUSEMS’s skilled team have a full comprehensive knowledge of the energy market, and we procure numerous contracts on behalf of our valuable clients and provide them with complete tender results to assist our client to make an informed decision. We advise best available contract duration based on current market energy rates.

Free Monthly Energy Invoice Validation

As part of AUSEMS commitment to its valued customers, AUSEMS offers free monthly energy invoice validation to ensure all charges as shown in energy invoices are correct. This service will ensure that no errors are found in your invoices during entire contracted duration secured through AUSEMS.