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Energy Consulting and Audit

Auditing of Network Tariff (Large Business Electricity Accounts

If you are worried whether the current energy tariff of your business is being over charged or outdated and you might be paying more for your electricity? Then we are here to provide you with comprehensive audit of network tariff charges, through which we provide you;

  • with an overview of your historical network charges
  • comparison of your charged network tariff against the designated network tariff as allocated by network distribution company
  • advising of potential reduction (if any) in annual network charges
  • forecasting estimated savings

Analysis of Demand and Capacity (kVA, kW) charges (Large Business Electricity Accounts)

Accurate and effective energy bill analysis is a powerful tool that helps your business save money. The analysis of Demand and Capacity charges, together with analysis of site's annual energy usage, is an extremely sought after valuable part of our energy management program that ensures your business achieve long term cost savings. Our comprehensive analysis report pinpoints by what percentage the Demand and Capacity charges can be reduced (if any) in order to achieve overall reduction in Demand and Capacity charges.

Analysis of Metering Charges (Large Business Electricity Accounts)

Occasionally energy retailers inadvertently charge incorrect metering charges to businesses. This could have been going on for months or perhaps years. AUSEMS conducts in-depth analysis of historical metering charges and assist customers in successfully obtaining a refund from energy retailer if customer was being incorrectly charged in metering fee.

New Metering Contracts (Large Business Electricity Accounts)

Some energy brokers take advantage of their customers and advise them to sign a new metering agreement. They make customers believe that it is part of energy contract renewal process. As a result, when customer receive their first electricity invoice in new contract, their monthly meter fee may have increased to up to 4 times.

To avoid this, AUSEMS can assist businesses in locking their meter fee for up to 5 years. Businesses with multiple large market electricity accounts can be offered a lower metering fee with the option of locking it for up to 5 years.

Analysis of Renewable / Environmental Charges (Large Business Electricity Accounts)

Renewable / environmental charges vary between energy retailers. Although they are only 10-20% of the total energy invoice, but can make significant difference in the overall energy cost. Depending on site's annual energy load, AUSEMS can source best possible renewable / environmental charges for businesses in the form of Renewable / Environmental Certificates. These certificates provides certainty to freeze these charges for of up to 5 years.

Power Factor Correction Units (Large Business Electricity Accounts)

In order for a commercial site to operate with maximum amount of electricity it is receiving, it must have a Power Factor Correction (PFC) units installed. The higher the Power Factor, the more effectively electrical power is being utilised. But if the Power Factor is lower, then the electricity consumption at the site will be more inefficient. PCF reduces the gap between kVA and kW which eventually lower the Demand and Capacity Charges. As a result of this, customer can benefit from reduction in Demand and Capacity charges which may lead to reduction in overall energy charges.

AUSEMS provides you with effective Power Factor evaluation that reduces overall energy consumption.

Analysis of ACQ, MDQ, and MHQ (Large Business Gas Accounts)

Prior to entering into large business gas agreement with energy retailer, it is extremely important to ascertain your Annual Contract Quantity (ACQ), Maximum Daily Quantity (MDQ), and Maximum Hourly Quantity (MHQ).

AUSEMS can offer expert advice in determining best ACQ, MDQ, and MHQ prior to energy contract renewal. With established business relationships with major energy retailers, AUSEMS can negotiate Take or Pay of 20% or higher depending on annual gas usage. This will provide certainty in avoiding Overrun charges as charged by energy retailers.

Customer Tailored Reporting Service

We offer customer tailored reporting service that gives you;

  • comparison of historical energy usage
  • comparison of historical energy cost including Energy Charges, Network Charges, Renewable / Environmental Charges and other charges
  • forecasting annual energy charges based on new contract rates to allow you to budget your energy cost

Solar Solutions

AUSEMS is proud to be an authorised solar agent for Origin Energy Services Limited. Depending on your site's annual electricity load and roof spacing, Origin Energy can offer tailored solar solution to accommodate your business requirements.

Also we advice and provide suggestions on the solar proposals you may have obtained from independent solar companies or other energy retailers.