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AUSEMS offers the following services to its valuable clients

– Tendering

AUSEMS will act on your behalf to issue energy tender and invite all major energy retailers including your current incumbent to respond with their best offer. Once offers are received, AUSEMS will conduct extensive analysis and will present top three offers to customer. Final decision will be taken by the customer, and once customer has decided and given their written approval, AUSEMS will immediately secure the contract with the energy retailer.

Due to the energy market volatility, some energy retailers submit offers with a limited validity on contract rates. Therefore, if the offer is not secured within that timeframe, then chances are the energy retailer may not extend the validity date any may withdraw the offer.

The survey has shown that majority of clients are interested in the offer with minimum contract rates, and flexible terms & conditions. To other customers, it is a service offered by the energy retailer which is valued most and is given priority over contract rates.

– Energy Consulting and Audits

AUSEMS provides specialised energy consulting and audit services to all commercial customers. These services include but not limited to review of Network Tariff, review of Network Demand, ensuring the new contract is applied on time, smooth transfer from current to new energy retailer, ensuring retailers issue invoices on time, etc. Most of the time customer’s do not know that there are several avenues which can be discovered to benefit substantial savings.

As a customer, you will have access to professional and skilful team of experts who has broad energy industry knowledge of several years.

– Green Energy Purchasing

This source of energy is considered environmental friendly and non-polluting. Customers can include this option in their energy contract for a certain period depending on their business requirements.

Customer can request for Green Energy to be added into their existing or new contract.


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